Margot Martin

October 29, 2009

Stonegate Resident

Chris was my personal trainer for about 5 years of which time he whipped me into shape to where my body was toned better than it had ever been. He is one of the most honest persons I know and is highly professional. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is wanting to either maintain or obtain a healthier self.


Bill H Halmi, M.D. 

October 30, 2009

I’ve had the pleasure of having Chris McCarty as my trainer for over five years. Before Chris I had used a few different trainers. Without doubt, Chris is the best trainer I’ve ever used. First and foremost he’s a great guy. He’s friendly and personable but doesn’t let the work out session turn into a social visit at the gym. I know several of his clients who’ve trained with Chris for years. He molds your training sessions to your particular needs. Some clients want simply to stay fit, some want aggressive training for strength, some to loose weight. There was a time I needed Chris to help me train for an assent of Mt Ranier. With his excellent training he helped make  that dream come true. His daily routines never became “the same old routine”. He uses a wide variety of strength and cardio techniques that help keep the experience engaging. He knows how to push me (yeah maybe I’ve sworn under my breath on occasion) to get the most out of each day – but never to the point of breaking my body or spirit. In short, Chris is an excellent choice if looking for a trainer!! After just one session you’ll be hooked. 


A. Max Ramras

President and CEO

RCG Capital Markets Group, Inc.

October 30, 2009

Throughout my business career, the time available I had to commit to an ongoing fitness program always seemed to conflict with my business commitments. After meeting with Chris and then developing a personalized program which not only addressed my time constraints, but also my specific fitness goals as well as some physical constraints, he was able to create and then implement a flexible but, highly effective routine which has significantly improved my strength, flexibility and overall physical well-being. Now, after having worked with Chris for over 6 years and the fact that I am approaching full retirement, I can honestly and gratefully say that I am in the best physical shape of my life!  Thank you Chris for caring so much and being so good at what you do!


Phil Smith

Chairman Emeritus of TASER International, Inc.

October 30, 2009

I have used Chris as my personal trainer for over 4 years and he has helped me a lot to remain flexible and keep my strength in good shape.  He is very conscientious and always has a positive attitude which helps make the time with him pass in an interesting way as I have never been fond of working out.  I am 72 years of age and can recommend Chris without any reservations to be your personal trainer.


Cynthia Black                                       

November 3, 2009

I never thought I’d need a trainer!  Then stress from computer over-use revealed a weak rotator cuff (a stress injury from a former job) and I found myself in a neurologist’s office.  After 6 weeks of therapy I was able to “graduate” to a professional trainer versed in ensuring my expensive rehabilitation ‘held’.

My first trainer was sufficient, but I dragged myself into sessions loathing the hard work and boring hour ahead.  The trainer assigned me moved on to another job and on my behalf asked a co-worker, Chris McCarty to take over, assuring me that Chris and I would be a good fit.  The difference was amazing!  Where it seemed the original trainer was distracted and just putting in the time, Chris was attentive, aware, and interested.  He watched how I responded to every session and asked a lot of questions about how the exercises felt.  He would change the weights or routine so that even though the routine seemed nearly effortless – or fun!– every week I was improving.  In months I was really quite fine, and in the best shape overall of 20 years!  I could’ve stopped the work-outs and doing just a few home exercises (that Chris also taught me) I could have been done with it…

I couldn’t give it up.  I didn’t want to lose the strength and tone I had accomplished.  More, Chris is a wonderful, laid-back but wholly professional and far-above-competent work-out ‘partner’.  I looked forward to my work-outs!

I recommend to anyone seeking results and high-competency, whether you are already fit and raring to go, or coming off rehabilitation and needing some work-out TLC.  Either way with Chris you will be ahead—and stay ahead– of the game!


Brenda Starr

November 11, 2009

I could never say enough good things about Chris.  Before seeing him, I’d been in chronic pain for years from a number of old injuries to my hand, elbow, knees, ankles, and back that kept me from doing a lot of activities that I used to love.  Chris was absolutely amazing about finding exercises and stretches that helped me strengthen the affected tendons and be able to start living a MUCH more comfortable life.  It was always obvious how much he truly cared about getting me healthy and pain free.  I would not have the wonderful life with my horses that I now enjoy if he hadn’t helped me get to where I could really interact fully with them.


Jim Pattyn

February 27 2013

Chris McCarty has also been working with me because I have some issues going on with my shoulders and he is helping me work on my stabilizers and core muscles. From my understanding of what he said is that my muscles are too tight and the larger muscles are preventing the smaller muscles from doing their job. The workouts do fatigue my under worked muscles. I do feel exhausted after the workout and the workouts are not over strenuous or anything. We work on the rotor cuff as a main focus and several other areas like the shoulders, back, abs, legs, glutes, etc… It is a different feeling from my weight lifting training. After weightlifting I feel both tired but also pumped and ready to keep going with other things.

Great workout Chris.

Thank you !


Jim Carpenter

January 31 2013

 “Chris I must compliment you and the routine you had planned for me today was nothing like I have ever experienced. As you know I work out religiously and this was in fact very “different”. I was beyond impressed with your “custom tailoring” of the program to specifically fit my needs and the personal approach you took! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone who has the sincere desire for Incredible attention and GREAT RESULTS to contact you! For any of my friends who are looking for a way to get yourself in shape in the right way.  Take it from me everything you thought you knew about exercise and wellness you owe it to yourself to take a look Chris McCarty and what his INCREDIBLE plan can offer.

Thank You Chris!!

I will be back!!!!!”


Nancy Sigl

September 12 2013

 On Monday, 8/12/13 I boarded an airplane from Rapid City, SD to PHX in a wheelchair. I had spent 3 weeks flat on my back 95% of the time with a severely pinched nerve in my neck, back and down my right arm from an injury on July 20th. I was on every pain med you can think of. I couldn’t raise my right arm to brush my teeth and I couldn’t sit through a meal out. When I got home, Drs. said an MRI revealed that I needed neck surgery. I hired Chris McCarty instead and I’m happy to be on my feet full time not even 3 weeks later!

I love you, Chris! You’re the BEST!!!!!

 Gina W

June 23 2014

 I can’t say enough great things about Chris’ ability to get me on a path to sustained well-being. His knowledge of the body’s mechanics enabled him to identify the dormant and over-used muscle groups that had caused over 20 years of chronic pain, and tailor an effective workout that started to give me relief after only a few weeks.  Chris also has great awareness of the mind body connection.  He intuitively knows when to ramp up or relax the workout depending on how I may be feeling on the day, and provided a great plan of stretches and exercises to do at home between sessions.  He takes his work seriously, but does so with a sense of humor that keeps you going through even the most grueling of challenges.

Gina W.


David L

June 23 2014

I was born with a spinal scoliosis that never seemed to bother me until my early twenties. By this time corporate life had consumed up to 80 hours of my week, and what was left was spent eating lots of Italian, Cantonese and French food, going to parties, and pulling all-nighters. Pretty much the only adrenaline or endorphin rushes came from driving fast cars, the shock of an expensive restaurant bill or getting the first kiss from a girl. My aerobic exercise had been reduced to running, mostly to my car in the rain, or across a hot sandy beach to the ocean. I did live in London, so at least it was almost a daily routine. I have endured recurring bouts of back, neck and hip stiffness and pain for over over thirty years.

 I’ve sought treatment from physical therapists, osteopaths, rolfers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, reiki masters and massage therapists with only moderate and short-lived results. Yoga, stretching, walking, and cycling eventually started to play an important part in my life, but I still ran the risk of slipping a disk just by lifting something awkwardly or dancing.

 A year ago I was referred to Chris and everything changed. The first few sessions were spent evaluating my posture, muscle group weaknesses and lifestyle. Chris then put together a specific program for me, and after 3 months, I started to feel significant relief from the ailments that had been following me around for decades. I’m standing straighter, feeling stronger, and my chiropractic adjustments have now become a thing of the past. I wake refreshed and pain free, and get through the day without back twinges, neck aches or exhaustion.

 Thank you Chris for getting my well-being back on track, and giving me a new lease on life!

 David L.



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