Teresa’s Journey – January 2014

Teresa's Journey - January 2014

I have been working with Teresa on her wellness program since January 2013. She weighed 300 + lbs. and suffered with many health issues. Since January she has lost over 115 lbs. in one yr. as well as over 25” inches and has recovered almost completely from all the health issues she suffered from. In addition she has also eliminated a lot of the medications she was taking. The sweatshirt Teresa is holding is the only she wore 1 yr ago.
Teresa and I meet regularly and she has expressed over again how my support has helped her with her journey. If you know of anyone struggling with their overall wellness, Teresa and I are both more than happy to lend our support to them. Please pass this message on to any individuals that may be in need of our support.

Thank You !

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Teresa’s Journey – December 2013

Teresa's Journey - December 2013

Teresa continues to amaze me. She is not letting a day go by without doing something to improve her health and wellness. The picture was taken in December of 2013 at Christmas time. At this point she has lost roughly 100 lbs.

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Teresa’s Journey – August 2013

Teresa's Journey - August 2013

Teresa in her past used to be a competitive cyclist. Teresa and I used to cycle together many years ago. Once Teresa’s health became compromised, she gave up cycling for all too many years. In August of 2013 I was able to get her back on her bike. She was very nervous and was afraid. Within minutes, her confidence came back and she was gone like the wind. We road 18 miles that day and since then Teresa has been consistent with her cycling again and has regained her joy in cycling.

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Teresa’s Journey – March 2013

Teresa's Journey

Teresa has been making excellent progress. She is working very hard in all areas of her wellness program that I designed specific to her. This photo was taken in March of 2013 and since January, her endurance has increased tremendously. She not only is hiking for more than an hour at a time, she is also climbing mountains again.

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Teresa’s Journey – January 2013

Teresa's Journey 2013

Teresa began her journey in January of 2013. Teresa weighing in at over 300 lbs. contacted me asking for help. Teresa and I worked together to get her on the right path. This photo was taken in January of 2013 on her first hike in a long time. At this point she had already lost over 30 lbs.

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Holiday Speacial

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January 30-30-30 Fitness Program

We are nearing the end of January 2011 and the 30-30-30 Fitness Program is going very well.  Today was a 4 week check in with the clients.  Client report: weight Loss 10 lbs, cloths fit looser, program working with busy schedule.