Wellness Philosophy


Every human being possesses a unique

blend of genetics, biochemistry and

personality, past experiences, motivation and

goals that must be considered when designing

an effective and individualized wellness

program. No one diet or exercise program

will work for everyone. Even the most

current scientifically based, well – controlled

studies suggesting the “right” foods or “best”

type and intensity of exercise aren’t going to

work for you if you dislike them.

Consequently, you won’t stick with it.

The best program is the one that you will do!

A routine you enjoy, can fit into your daily

schedule and which will allow you variety,

proper progression, and FUN, is one that you

will continue even when you’re no longer

with a Wellness Consultant.

A success story isn’t-losing 10 lbs. in 2 weeks,

it’s maintaining and even exceeding that

result in a year from now.

95% of all dieters gain back the weight they

lost and more in less than a year. A success

story is when someone’s self-esteem is

improved so much by their long-term results

that they can move on.

My job as a Wellness Consultant is to help you find

enjoyable ways of exercising and eating that

can become a healthy new lifestyle. If you

think you don’t have what it takes to be fit

and healthy, it may be because no one ever

tried to help you discover and develop the

unique individualized program that will work

for you!

With the assistance of an educated, patient

and creative Wellness professional, anyone can

reach his or her full potential and look and

feel their best!


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