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We are PROUD to ANNOUNCE Body Holistic Wellness LLC Has relocated and is Open for Business !

We are now conveniently located in a Private Studio at 2434 E Flower Street Phoenix AZ 85016. “A quick walk down the street and you are here “

You have nothing to lose but a little bit of time. You have everything to gain learning how much better you can feel and look. Most people have what it takes, they just need direction to reach their goals.

Design your wellness package according to the goals you are setting for yourself. Pick and choose from the list below and let’s get you started. All services are provided in 1 hour or 1 ½ hour sessions. Chris caters directly to your individual goals and you can learn to live a healthier life right now. Chris has over 24 years of experience in Health Care and Wellness. Let Chris teach you that you have what it takes to live a healthier you.

Services Provided:

• Nutritional Consulting:
o Cook Healthy
o Shop Healthy
o Eat Healthy

• Individualized Written Program:
o Weekly Check-In’s
o Increased Flexibility
o Weight Loss
o Decrease Medications
o Pressure\Trigger Point Release
o Wellness Counseling
o Increase your Range of Motion
o Pre-\Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
o General Rehabilitation
o Stretching and Breathing Exercises
o Strength Training
o Endurance Training (Cardio & Muscle)
o Stability Exercises
o Spinal Alignment
o Emotional Counseling

Chris is currently promoting a body maintenance program that consists of pressure point release, trigger point release and extensive stretching. Most of us do not function mechanically the way we are designed and with this technique you will feel more freedom with your body mechanics, flexibility, blood flow and even posture. We as individuals usually deal with some sort of pain. This technique will help to eliminate those areas which bother you.

Please contact us for a Tour and a FREE Wellness Evaluation. What makes this studio unique is that not only are we conveniently located right here in your neighborhood, we focus on you and your entire well-being and your individual goals.

(This is a FREE Evaluation, NOT a free session. Your program will be designed after the Evaluation if you choose to work with me)

Please: Call/Text, or E-mail at 480-251-8379 or to schedule a time that best fits your schedule.

For more information and Testimonials please visit our web-site at or like us on Facebook at

(Business Insured and CPR Certified)

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