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Feeling Accomplished

This is why I like doing what I do:

Body Potentials – One Life – One Body – One Mind – One day at a time

I never thought I’d need a trainer! Then stress from computer over-use revealed a weak rotator cuff (a stress injury from a former job) and I found myself in a neurologist’s office. After 6 weeks of therapy I was able to “graduate” to a professional trainer versed in ensuring my expensive rehabilitation ‘held’.

My first trainer was sufficient, but I dragged myself into sessions loathing the hard work and boring hour ahead. The trainer assigned me moved on to another job and on my behalf asked a co-worker, Chris McCarty to take over, assuring me that Chris and I would be a good fit. The difference was amazing! Where it seemed the original trainer was distracted and just putting in the time, Chris was attentive, aware, and interested. He watched how I responded to every session and asked a lot of questions about how the exercises felt. He would change the weights or routine so that even though the routine seemed nearly effortless – or fun!– every week I was improving. In months I was really quite fine, and in the best shape overall of 20 years! I could’ve stopped the work-outs and doing just a few home exercises (that Chris also taught me) I could have been done with it…

I couldn’t give it up. I didn’t want to lose the strength and tone I had accomplished. More, Chris is a wonderful, laid-back but wholly professional and far-above-competent work-out ‘partner’. I looked forward to my work-outs!

I recommend to anyone seeking results and high-competency, whether you are already fit and raring to go, or coming off rehabilitation and needing some work-out TLC. Either way with Chris you will be ahead—and stay ahead– of the game!


Cynthia Black

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