Body Holistic Wellness Studio has relocated

Now located at 2434 E Flower Street

Phoenix Az 85016

Private Home Studio with many amenities and services to design your Personalized Wellness Program.

Grand Opening is Coming soon !

New Body Holitic Logo

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Free Wellness Evaluation

BodyHolistice Wellness Consulting

Design you wellness package according to the goals you are setting for yourself.  Pick and choose from the list below and let’s get you started.  All services are provided in 1 hour or 1 ½ hour sessions.  I come directly to you and you can learn to live a healthier life in the comforts of your own home.  I have over 26 year experience in Health Care and Wellness. Let me teach you that you have what it takes to live a healthier you.

Services Provided:

Nutritional Consulting:

Cook Healthy

Shop Healthy

Eat Healthy

Individualized Written Program:

Weekly Check-In’s

Increased Flexibility

Weight Loss

Decrease Medications

Pressure Point Release

In Home Fitness Training   ( If you have your own equipment )

Wellness Counseling

Increase your Range of Motion

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

General Rehabilitation

Chris @ BodyHolistic Wellness             480-251-8379

( Resume’ upon request )

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FREE Wellness Evaluation

Schedule your free Wellness Evaluation.

I am your Personal Wellness Consultant. During this evaluation we will discuss your overall health and Wellness. Many people live their lives in some kind of pain and discomfort or challenged by health issues as well as maintaining a healthy weight. Many people believe they have to go to your local big box gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle .. NOT TRUE !

Most of what you need to do is within the comfort of your own home. I have designed a unique program that is individualized to your person and your lifestyle. We will cover healthy ways of eating, proper nutrition, better mental focus, fitness, flexibility, balance, how to grocery shop and much more.

My program isn’t like what you see or hear on TV or in magazines. I am a believer that if something is going to work, it has to be tailored around you and your lifestyle. I don’t meet with you with a plan in mind. I create it as we get to know each other and I hear about you as an individual. You can feel and be the person you want to, you just need a little guidance. I can help you along your journey .. You have what it takes, you just need to find your way.

All you have to loose in meeting for your Evaluation is time. Give yourself a gift and meet with me to find out how I can help you live and maintain a healthy life.

Body Holistic Wellness .. Changing One Life .. One Body .. One Mind .. One Day At A Time

You can contact me by phone 480-251-8379, Email – or through this site.

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Feeling Accomplished

This is why I like doing what I do:

Body Potentials – One Life – One Body – One Mind – One day at a time

I never thought I’d need a trainer! Then stress from computer over-use revealed a weak rotator cuff (a stress injury from a former job) and I found myself in a neurologist’s office. After 6 weeks of therapy I was able to “graduate” to a professional trainer versed in ensuring my expensive rehabilitation ‘held’.

My first trainer was sufficient, but I dragged myself into sessions loathing the hard work and boring hour ahead. The trainer assigned me moved on to another job and on my behalf asked a co-worker, Chris McCarty to take over, assuring me that Chris and I would be a good fit. The difference was amazing! Where it seemed the original trainer was distracted and just putting in the time, Chris was attentive, aware, and interested. He watched how I responded to every session and asked a lot of questions about how the exercises felt. He would change the weights or routine so that even though the routine seemed nearly effortless – or fun!– every week I was improving. In months I was really quite fine, and in the best shape overall of 20 years! I could’ve stopped the work-outs and doing just a few home exercises (that Chris also taught me) I could have been done with it…

I couldn’t give it up. I didn’t want to lose the strength and tone I had accomplished. More, Chris is a wonderful, laid-back but wholly professional and far-above-competent work-out ‘partner’. I looked forward to my work-outs!

I recommend to anyone seeking results and high-competency, whether you are already fit and raring to go, or coming off rehabilitation and needing some work-out TLC. Either way with Chris you will be ahead—and stay ahead– of the game!


Cynthia Black

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Natural Pain KIller’s

Natural Pain KIller's

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Body Potentials – One Life – One Body – One Mind – One day at a time

Body Potentials - One Life - One Body - One Mind - One day at a time

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Teresa’s Journey – January 2014

Teresa's Journey - January 2014

I have been working with Teresa on her wellness program since January 2013. She weighed 300 + lbs. and suffered with many health issues. Since January she has lost over 115 lbs. in one yr. as well as over 25” inches and has recovered almost completely from all the health issues she suffered from. In addition she has also eliminated a lot of the medications she was taking. The sweatshirt Teresa is holding is the only she wore 1 yr ago.
Teresa and I meet regularly and she has expressed over again how my support has helped her with her journey. If you know of anyone struggling with their overall wellness, Teresa and I are both more than happy to lend our support to them. Please pass this message on to any individuals that may be in need of our support.

Thank You !

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